Where To Find Employees With Diverse Tech Talent

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Where To Find Employees With Diverse Tech Talent

Where To Find Employees With Diverse Tech Talent

As the workforce continues to change and adapt, it is important to ensure that your employees have a variety of skills that enable them to survive these natural changes. This rings especially true for the previously strong industries now being disrupted by technology. As these industries undergo radical and unknown alterations, the skills needed by employees will be tech-based.


Finding new employees who have those skills can be a tricky task. Traditionally speaking, colleges and universities were the default place that employers looked to. In today’s day and age, however, different options exist that can provide equally skilled employees who can positively impact a company. When looking for these employees, identify new prospects as well as professionals already in careers that have the potential to grow.

Web Developers

When it comes to searching for potential employees with a wide array of skills, web developers are a great group to consider. The average web developer is responsible for the creation of a website and debugging any problems that may arise. This group has a diverse set of tech skills —no two websites are the same and keeping any website functioning requires excellent programming skills.


Another aspect of the diversity among web developers is the fact that there are two types: front end and back end. Those who deal with the front end have both tech skills and customer relations skills, whereas back end developers deal more with functionality. The best place to source web developers from your company is through specialized schools such as General Assembly which offers intensive courses with hands-on training. 


The fact of the matter is that a large number of web developers are self-taught anyways because it is not a profession widely advertised during traditional education. Many people have a passion for developing the tech skills necessary, however, and recruiting them from a specialized school is a great way of gaining new talent.

Coding Bootcamps

Programming and coding are two sides of the same coin and two fields that are growing exponentially. Both coders and programmers have extensive knowledge of coding languages which allows them to work with a variety of software options.


Some of the best coding bootcamps offer a rigorous curriculum that exposes students to real-world problems they may encounter. These bootcamps also give students mentorship from professionals in the field, giving them hands-on tutelage. 


What makes these bootcamps such a great place to find new employees is the fact that you can be sure graduates were trained specifically to have a wide variety of skills and to be able to complete virtually any programming or coding assignment given. 

Data Science Trade Schools

If diverse tech talent is what you are after, the best bet is to try to recruit data scientists. Members of this field specialize in data analytics and the field itself is predicted to see a growth of 11.5 million jobs within the next six years. The reason for this demand is the variation in skills a data scientist needs. They must be somewhat knowledgeable of computer programming while also using data analytics to attain business objectives.


Finding data scientists is not too difficult with the growth in the field. Relying on colleges or universities is one method but the other is keeping an eye on data science bootcamps. As you probably guessed, they are not dissimilar to coding bootcamps in that they train their students in the skills needed to become a data scientist. Unlike coders or programmers, however, data science bootcamp graduates have a wider skillset that can be applied to any task.


As the prevalence of data continues to increase, sourcing data scientists from specialized schools is a great way to ensure your data is being studied in the best possible way.


The workforce is changing in unimaginable ways and the tasks required of employees in this technological age demand new skills. Fortunately, career paths are opening that can provide those skills to any employee if they are willing to study. In fact, companies can even consider sponsoring their employees’ vocational school or bootcamp journey. These options are far quicker and arguably more effective than even some MBA programs when it comes to preparing for the future. Scout new employees with game-changing tech talent in order to revolutionize your company for the future.

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