How to Win Competition & Influence Customer

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How to Win Competition & Influence Customer

There are two sides of a product. First How useful is it for a customer. Second How useful are you able to showcase to the customer.

In the digital world your product images are your product.

I assume whatever you knew you have already done it. Like Good Photographs and videos displaying it features. Then what is left, I am not here to tell you run ads or use influencer marketing.

Although they are highly effective but that is even your competitors are doing. What is that one thing that you can do to win competition and influence customer.


How great it would be when your customers are able to rotate the products 360, View it from multiple angles. Just like holding it on their hands. I am not talking about videos as they are passive, You need something Next level that your customer is able to feel.


There is no single key to success but if you ask me 360 degree photography is the window that you can use and open the gate from the inside.


Even being inexpensive as compare to 3D Modelling, 360 degree is still in early stages in India.


So the question is why should you use it?

So answer me as another cusumer. Don’t you want to interact with your product and view it from all the angles.

If a picture worths a thousand words then this is priceless.

Major Benefits consumer will be sure they are buying the product they want and need with 360 product photos, resulting in lower returns and reduced costs.

And how effective has it been.

It  help sell more products and reduce returns.

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